On the Move – Megan Mitchell, St. Ambrose


Ethan Dicken, Junior Sports Editor

Megan Mitchell


St. Ambrose

Megan’s choice to go to St. Ambrose isn’t just about playing volleyball. To Megan St. Ambrose was the prefect college to go to in her opinion. “St. Ambrose truly is the perfect school for me. Being three hours away, I will be able to visit my family on weekends if I want to come home. In addition, the volleyball conference plays other schools close to home so my parents will be able to attend a majority of my games. Most importantly, their nursing program is phenomenal” she says. Megan is also a fan of all the relationships she will be to make. “The campus is relatively small and my class sizes will have a max of 25 students so I will be able to form relationships with other kids and teachers” she adds. Megan has always wanted her future to go to college for sports and that future is now.