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Tired of seeing the same sports? Try these new ones.

Many sports are growing in popularity, here’s two and some of the reasons why.
Rosely Castaneda
A photo of Pryde Mendoza a frequent pickleball player. He’s been playing pickleball for a few years now. He said one of the most enjoyable parts is playing with teammates like friends or family.



Want to keep up with the current trends? What about playing a game of pickleball or lacrosse, some of the largest growing sports in the United States?


Many sports have come into the spotlight recently, Major League Cricket was created in the U.S. This is the first time the sport has had a professional league in the United States. Cricket isn’t the only sport gaining traction though, many Americans both young and old are trying new sports besides basketball, football, or baseball, the three biggest sports in America.  


The game that’s growing the most right now is pickleball. Most people have heard of the sport either through social media or word of mouth. The game created in the 1960’s has exploded in popularity recently. The game isn’t overly complex, there are not many rules that are hard to understand, and any rules that people don’t get can easily be learned by playing. Pickleball is also really fun, most people who try it come back to play again at least once, and many times people come back multiple times. Pickleball player Pryde Mendoza said “It’s like a trend, it keeps gaining popularity” when asked if he’s seen more people join the game. It’s not just Pryde who’s joining the game, in an Instagram interview by The Bark, 70% of respondents said that they’ve played or tried pickleball before. 


It’s pretty easy to pick up, I think you can excel very fast.

— Evan Ahlgren


Lacrosse has also become increasingly popular recently. ESPN has been showing a lot more lacrosse games than before, both on a professional level and on a collegiate level. The game is also being picked up by more and more young athletes, and these athletes are sticking with the sport. Evan Ahlgren, a junior who’s been playing lacrosse since 5th grade said that “the game is growing. On the East Coast it’s super big but it’s just starting to get bigger in the Midwest”. Lacrosse players are seeing more and more people try the game and play it even in places it isn’t very popular in. Lacrosse is becoming more mainstream as more and more people join the fun and intense game.


If people want to try something new try playing a game of lacrosse with some of your friends. How about watching a game on TV? Pickleball and lacrosse are quickly growing in popularity, and dozens of other sports are also becoming more popular. These sports are fun and easy to play, so there’s no reason not to try them.


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Justin Morales
Justin Morales, Sports Writer
Freshman. I joined journalism because I wanted to make my writing better. I heard that this class was a good way to get time to write and do things like photography which I also liked. Journalism is important since it gives people a way to learn about things going on that they can't see or experience. A fun fact about me I was born in Arizona.

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