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Beauty on a budget

How to not break the bank for a high school dance

Now that one of the most expensive weeks of the year; homecoming, is over, did you have to spend that much money? The tickets and dresses are the only main things people discuss when it comes to school dances. People often leave out the small costs that add up like nails, hair, jewelry, fake tan, shoes, makeup, etc.  Realizing all of the side accessories needed, teens either feel like they have to keep up and clear out their bank account or not go to the dances at all. 

The average median income in Fox Lake is $64,221. This number ranks us in the lower-middle income community,  This being said many students attending Grant Community High School are not able to afford Prom and homecoming costs leading to not attending the dances at all.

According to USA Today, the average money spent on the prom in the Midwest is $625. In reality, $625 can be spent on things you can use after just one night , like new clothes, a down payment for a car, or even a new phone. After speaking with various veteran seniors who have attended both school dances and spent an absurd amount of money, good tips have arisen. The first tip for saving money when it comes to school dances is doing your hair yourself or getting a family member or friend to help you for free.  Senior, Mckaylah Inman who spent around $700 for prom states, “Something I most regret is getting my hair styled at a salon. It was $100 and I  could have done it myself.¨ 

Another way to save money is knowing where to shop when it comes to dress shopping. Senior Emma Hansen who attended both homecoming and prom last year says, “I spent $550 on my prom dress, and it was only for one night and I regret it a lot.” This being said It’s important to look for cost-friendly stores simply because you are only going to wear the dress for one night. For example, Gipper Prom Dresses Range from $300-$1000 Per dress compared to Windsor or Macy’s dresses range From $50-$200. Looking for cost-friendly dress clothing stores can help make your budget more realistic.


Small accessories are often not discussed but can make a big impact money-wise and look-wise. Looking for cost-effective ways for these accessories is super helpful.  Starting with nails, Senior Amber Wentz stated the least expensive thing she bought were her “nails.¨ The least expensive thing were her nails because she decided to buy stick-on nails instead of going to the salon to get them done. Doing this allowed her to pay $15 for fake nails Instead of $60. For jewelry and fake tan, look for cheaper options like cheap jewelry or fake tanner from the store that will be able to last you that night. 

Looking for budget-friendly places to shop will allow you to have the time of your life, while still having money in your account.

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