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    Halloween movie review

    What people think about Halloween movies
    The horror genre to whole new level!! Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that will leave you gasping for more.

    Since the mid-1890s, horror movies have captured the attention of all movie lovers. Lately, modern horror movies have been getting a bad reputation because of critics claiming that they are poorly made. Even with the negative attention, the critics cannot take attention away from peoples’ love of horror movies due to the exciting anticipation, uncertainty, anxiety, and tension.  Here are three of the most exciting new, and old horror movies according to IMBD.

    Scream is one of the most famous horror movie franchises of all time. Scream Audience rating got a 4.5 rating out of 5 and was the best horror-slasher movie of its time. One of the best-rated scream movies in the franchise was Scream VI.” Scream takes place in the Big Apple New York City.” The main characters moved away from Woodsboro California. So they could get away and live a peaceful life in New York City. The peace doesn’t last for long. The opening scene starts with the main character getting a call on the landline. After she picks up she talks to a man supposedly from her mom’s group. The man that she’s talking to ends up being Ghostface. Scream vi is good because it’s satisfying, mysterious, and clever. Also the connection to the past movies Scream You can watch Scream vi on YouTube, paramount, and Amazon Prime Video. 


    Nun 2 got a 3.0 rating out of 5. The sequel picks up in 1956, four years after the first film, and moves the setting to France from Romania. The priest gets killed, and sister Irene comes back to fight Valak again. Valak is a fallen angel who is now evil, she was stripped of her power and now she wants it back. Nun 2 is good because of its suspense and the way they made nun 2 connect with the first movie. you can watch nun 2 n vudu, apple tv, and youtube tv.


    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2012 in my opinion is the best Texas chainsaw movie that came out, the movie is mainly about a girl who just found out about her grandma’s old house. She goes to visit her grandma’s house with friends and they don’t know that there is a killer in the basement. All the friends end up getting killed and the killer ends up being family with one of the victims. Now she lives in the house and takes care of the killer.

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