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Balancing Life

Difficulties of staying focused and successful in high school.
Elyanna Torres

Starting off the school year there’s always two thoughts running through students’ heads; “who am I going to hang out with during the day,” and “how much homework are my teachers going to give me?” Balancing social and academic life is something everyone has to deal with, especially at the beginning of the school year.

Freshmen typically are terrified of losing their friends and harder classes coming into High School. Balancing social and academic life is different for everyone; however, Freshman Ava Spectre came forward about her opinion. Ava believes “setting small, specific goals” is the most important step in a happy balanced high school experience. “Setting small goals can help keep you focused in school, but you can also socialize while doing it. Setting a goal helps me to remind myself that I have to follow through with it, so that way my goals are always on my mind and I never forget to finish them.” Oftentimes, when someone focuses primarily on academics, anything less than A’s can feel like a failure. By setting small and specific goals, it keeps you on track to achieving your goals rather than giving up after you put in everything you had. 

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have to worry about AP classes, sports, jobs, friends, and their family life. Sometimes this gets a little overwhelming. Junior at GCHS Giselle Mae Abellana believes that “being efficient with school work” is the most important aspect of balancing both academics and social life. “

Throughout the day, I write down on my planner what assignments I have and I schedule a certain time in my day to do my assignments, but I also incorporate free time as well, so I have a balance in my overall.”

— Giselle Mae Abellana

Planning out your school work can become very tedious with each specific detail, but it is so important. For example you could plan out what classes to work on each day of the week or even what time of the day you are more likely to be energized to do your work. 

A lot of the time, people feel the need to find a connection with themselves through after school activities. At Grant, specifically, involving oneself in sports is one of the main outlets of connecting with themselves. Playing sports can help build self-esteem and a sense of community. Along with this newly developed sense of community is a sense of self. Gaining that sense of self leads to an increased result in better social interactions, stronger relationships, and higher academic performance.

Playing sports can also be an obstacle in balancing social and academic life. Tori Speciale, Sophomore girls basketball player for GCHS, likes to “focus on the here and now” to keep herself happy and balanced. “Focusing on here and now is a good benefit because you are not focusing on the future and what happened in the past, instead you are putting yourself in now to help better yourself for the future and to not stress about things that may happen.” Focusing now on her sport and her team instead of focusing only on being in the WNBA helps make more time for school work, friends, family, and her relationship. 

Successfully reaching each of these steps can fill a person with dopamine, which is the hormone responsible for allowing that person to feel pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. Although balancing academics, sports, and relationships may be a time consuming and tedious process, taking the necessary steps towards this achievement can lead to extremely rewarding results.

Allison Bolisay and Elizabeth Gvozdev in the music lab showing how it is possible to balance their friendship while also getting their work done. (Dakota Cleaver)
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Dakota Cleaver
Dakota Cleaver, Assistant Editor in Chief
Hey y'all! My name is Dakota Cleaver and I am a junior(class 2025). I joined journalism looking for a writing outlet and a way to make friends which is exactly what I found. Journalism has played such an important role in my life. At first I thought this was just a class where I learned how to write but now that I'm here, it's so much more. Journalism has provided me with a safe space to not only work but to express who I am. (thanks to Maestranzi) One fun fact about me is about once a month I race ATV's.
Elyanna Torres
Elyanna Torres, Art Director
I joined journalism because I enjoyed writing and art and was also interested in the world of journalism. Journalism is important because everyone deserves a voice and opinion that needs to be heard. One fun fact about me is that my favorite food is tiramisu.

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