On the Move – Matt Auckland, McKendree


Ethan Dicken, Junior Sports Editor

Matt Auckland


McKendree College

Matt Auckland’s decision to go to Mckendree was a no brainer for him. He wanted to go to one of the best bowling schools in the country and that’s exactly what he did. “McKendree has been #1 ranked in the country for 4 years now and they have the best coaching in the country. I could have gone to Nebraska and started first year or I could have gone to McKendree and got the best coaching out there, and with how far I want to take myself with the sport and how good I believe I can be, McKendree” he says. To say bowling is new to Matt is an understatement. Matt joined the sport of bowling just 2 years ago and is going to college with only 2 years under his belt is an accomplishment in itself. “I love the sport a lot and to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level possible with only two years of experience is insane to me” he says. To prepare for the next level Matt is trying to smooth out the edges of his game by practicing for 2 hours everyday and also competing in tournaments and leagues over the summer. McKendree isn’t ready for what this young prodigy can do with a bowling ball.