Winter Events in Chicago


Jenna Russo, News writer

Many people think that once the winter season comes, there is nothing to do, but little do they know, there is plenty to do during winter. In Chicago, people can explore the city and participate in  fun, creative, and festive activities.  There are many affordable activities in Chicago that can be fun  for  family members of all ages, such as a lightscape, seeing holiday lights, and visiting the Millennium Christmas Tree. The lightscapes are accessible monday-sunday 8am-3pm. Visiting the Millennium Christmas tree is free and can be done until it’s taken down on January 9th. Attending a lightscape is  another entertaining activity that is  family-friendly. People can walk through light attractions and hopefully enjoy themselves, while not spending a lot of money. Ice skating is another exciting activity, however it  can be pricey at times. The Maggie Day ice rink is open Mon.-Sun. 11 am-10 pm. Chicago is an exciting city, however, people can find the same activities closer to home or can go to a christkindl market where you can walk around and buy Christmas related items. Cold weather isn’t always a boring sad time, you just have to find the right things to do.