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Best Dressed Students and Teachers at Grant

Rosely Castaneda

There are many stylish students and teachers at Grant. On a daily basis, teachers and students use fashion as a way to express themselves and their identity. It’s the way we talk without actually saying a word. The things a person wears affect the way their day moves and the way they feel. Fashion, in a way, is like art. It holds a story. The things you wear
speak for you.

Components of Style
Vogue says “It’s the most subtle changes that can make the biggest difference.” With your outfits, you shouldn’t be scared to try putting different things together or trying new combinations. After all,“Clothes look totally different with a body inside of them.” When picking out your outfits you need to “focus on color.” It is “the easiest way to pull together an outfit that works” When choosing outfits be unique, be yourself. The best components are matching colors together or doing different patterns. Try something new, you’ll never know how it’ll look.

Fashion in Grant
Fashion can be found within the Grant curriculum as well. In Fashion Construction I, the students learn the basics of sewing, how to work the sewing machines, sewing terms, and tools. They begin the year by making a bean bag to practice using the sewing machines and move into how to quilt by making a tote bag, properly measure clothing to fit them, hem pants, and put in a pocket while making pj pants. In Fashion Construction II, the students learn more
advanced subjects like sewing techniques and how to start with a recycle redesign. This project lets students use old, recycled material and design garments to fit the form of a dress which they then put on display in the display case near the math hallway. Haley Tate, a freshman in Fash-ion Construction I, says she recommends taking this class, “If you want a career in fashion, it helps start you off and see what you like.”

Perspectives on Fashion

Mrs.Bosworth was voted one of the best-dressed teachers. When picking outfits, the biggest thing Bosworth says that
creates her outfits “has to do with the mood.”If there’s a day she does fancy, the next she’ll do a bit more casual. She says her “closet allows for that” and her “style is very flexible.” While choosing an outfit the best way to do it would be going off your mood or a bit of inspiration. Bosworth says she “keeps up with the celebrities” which also helps her pick outfits. Step out of your comfort zone a bit. Get inspiration from people you surround yourself with and have fun with it. Noah Patrick, one of the students chosen for the best-dressed, explains that fashion pieces should “fit you as a person” and “should be comfortable.” When choosing the outfit you’re going to wear for school, going out, or even just staying home, you should pick the things that stand out to you. Don’t worry about being judged by others, as long as it makes you happy wear it.

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