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Laundry, physical therapy, and filling water, here’s what the athletic trainers do
Mikayla Sekulich
Going to the athletic trainers before or after a match or practice is a great way for people to get help. This can be through things like stretching, taping, or icing. The athletic trainers are always ready to help athletes.

Diving into the world of sweat, determination, and triumph, our athletic training team does it all.


The student athletic trainers are part of an after-school club and a class. They help players heal injuries or treat any pain they might have. The club is made up of mainly student-athletes and people who are interested in future career paths similar to athletic training. The athletic trainers help the athletes rest and heal after an injury and help set up before a game. Things like laundry and filling water before a game are a big part of what they do.


All athletes are welcome to get help from the athletic trainers. In general, they help soon after getting an injury, and then while you return they “help with PT, like physical therapy, and overall help you get better” said senior Zaylin Franklin, an athletic trainer and football player. When an athlete gets an injury like a sprained ankle an athletic trainer can treat the athlete and help them return to the sport quickly. Injury treatment is probably the most important thing the athletic trainers can help someone with and is one of the biggest things they do.

A picture of the senior athletic trainers. From left to right is Mason Lancaster, Austin Smith, Zaylin Franklin, Clara O’Brien

However, there are many other things student athletic trainers help with. When speaking with Clara, a senior athletic trainer and volleyball player said that a lot of their work is “helping with water carts, refilling medkits, helping with laundry, just basic stuff like that”. The student-athletic trainers are always helping people playing sports, even when they’re healthy and not injured. 


Athletic trainers have a lot of responsibilities and tasks assigned to them. A lot of people don’t know about them and what they do, agreed both Zaylin and Clara, even though they help a lot around the school. Playing sports is significantly easier with the athletic trainers there to help.



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