Homecoming Win

Grants dominate victory over round lake during homecoming game


Varsity Football player Ivan Hernandez on grants football field during homecoming game

Noah Ontiveros

Every year, Grant’s Football program has new people with different skill sets that contribute to the team. With 22 athletes out on the field all giving 100% in order to win the game, they put in so much effort to win not just for themselves but for the community that they play for. Football players spend at least 3 months preparing before the first game, which is always within the first few weeks of August. They then continue to prepare and push through games until the middle of September at the very earliest.  If the team goes at least 5-4 or better they will be eligible to make the playoffs, which start in October. As of September 17, Grant has 6 games left in the season,  the players are working hard to secure a win from the rest of them. The players and coaches have to work together over those months, preparing plays both defensive and offensive. The team works on the plays and schemes, or better known as the X’s and O’s which are the defense and offensive players and the plays that they run, and they run them until they are perfect. The players spent months training, and although they may not get the results that they want as a team, they are getting their own personal results that they worked towards, such as the stats that they get the touchdowns and tackles.

Grants Varsity Football this year has started as a rocky start with a record of 0-3, and 1-3 after the win against Round Lake High School. Despite the 1-3 record, Grant has been persevering in each and every one of the games that they have played this year, not giving up regardless of what happens during the game. The many outcomes a football game can take had not been going the way of a grant during the first 4 games of this season with the losses to Mundelein, Taft, Wacounda, and the eventual win against Round Lake. 

Although the games didn’t go the way that Grant had hoped for, they could have swung both ways but the end result was a loss for Grant.  Although Grant didn’t get the result that they wanted, they did learn something from them, they learned what plays will work and which ones won’t. Though the effort in each of those games wasn’t the reason for the loss since every player that went out onto the field gave it all they had. When it comes to football, the effort that the players take and leave on the field isn’t what always wins them the game. Sometimes it comes to the execution of the plays that they are running that will win or lose them the game. The varsity team has had a tough season so far, but they plan on winning out the rest of the games that they have.