Found Fashion

Mariah Ona, News Editor

Recycling is something we should incorporate into our everyday lives. Including our lives at school recycling should continue to help the environment. Fashion 2 has shown that they believe this is true in their last project. The 14 students divided into two teams with a mission to make stylish dresses but there was a catch.
Everything has to be made out of recycled materials. Which sounds difficult but luckily these students realized that our school has a lot more materials lying around not in use than they came to believe.
“We used some back covers of the bark… we use some scrap fabric and decorative throw.” answered Megan Maliziola, a Freshman at Grant, in regard to what materials she used to design her dress.
The students were told to make tops and skirts by Mrs. Pipikios who has done this project twice in the past but decided to change up this year’s project a little.
She previously used to do it as a final grade as an individual found object creation. “I thought this would just be cool to have more fashion forward.” stated Mrs. Pipikios when talking about how the found object project developed into designing tops and skirts.
Switching this project a bit seems to have been a good idea. The fashion was placed in the display case for students to pass and admire.
When asked how Megan thinks the project benefits people she said, “ I think it really helps us think creatively on how to use different materials instead of just using fabric.”