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    How to make new relationships

    The tips and tricks of making new friends in new environments

    Seniors who who choose to go to college all have one thing in common, having to create new relationships. The transition from high school to college can be stressful as it is. Ava Petrik says that it’s “a bittersweet feeling” when she thinks about transitioning. When adding new relationships to the problem, that stress is inevitably going to increase.

    Leaving high school is a big change for students. While it could be exciting, there will be a lot of pressure put on graduates to make critical choices regarding their training, profession, and course in life. Seniors frequently experience extreme levels of stress and anxiety because they are leaving behind their familiar surroundings, friends, teachers, and daily schedules. “thinking about my whole life changing in about 4 months is definitely something that overwhelms me a bit” says senior Ava Petrik. After graduation, the class becomes the age where mental illness is most likely to occur, which is 18-24. It’s perfectly normal to have post-graduation stress. Consequently, these sudden changes could cause a lot of mental problems. An article by Pediatrics West says these mental problems could include social isolation, changes in sleep patterns, or mood swings.

    There are many ways to get over all of this. One of the many is to make sure time gets managed properly. Arizona State says that “most instructors in college won’t remind your student to come to class and when assignments are due” which means it’s the “student’s responsibility disciplined” Another tip from Arizona State is to develop good study habits. You need to study the harder subjects first and make sure there’s a good studying space that doesn’t have distractions. Another way to cope, prioritize self-care and mental health.

    When going to college, friendships are helpful, but not everyone is social. Ava Petrik says to “find at least one thing that you enjoy that you can transfer to college and run with it.” An easy way to make friends is to join a club or a sport that you enjoy. There will be new people to meet with the same interests and thoughts. Another way to make friends is to join a sorority. Ava says she’s joining a sorority and she believes that “this will help me make connections with individuals.” There are many different ways to create friendships, but these could be the easiest ways to meet new people.


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