Future Medical Professional

Mariah Ona, News Editor

Future Medical Professionals is a club which students who take particular interest in the medical field can explore what they want to go into. They go into their field of choice and expand their knowledge to know if this is what they want to do in the future.

The club’s faculty advisor of Future Medical Professionals, Meghann Mckinney, thinks the biggest impact is students getting to “know more about their interests in the medical field”. They learn about the details it entails by hearing from actual professionals who come in and cover their occupations occasionally. Students also get advice on what field they are interested in. This amazing idea was brought up by student, Kate Miles to science teacher, Meghan Mckinney. Miles thought GCHS needed a club for students who are interested in the medical field and Mckinney agreed. The club turned out as a success and as no surprise. It is such a needed club at Grant, and is so successful, the club has roughly forty-five members. It is almost unbelievable for the club starting out. The club will although continue to grow in members and infield covered.