Carving Out Plans for October


Andrea Lowry, Features

It’s fall again! In fall, I usually enjoy doing several activities, including apple picking, pumpkin carving, preparing for Halloween, and so much more! So, I thought, what do the students at Grant enjoy in the fall? To find out, I surveyed 17 students here at Grant to see what they look forward to most in the fall season.


Halloween, one of the best holidays of the year! Going out with your friends, dressing up to be whatever you want, getting all sorts of free candy, what could make this day in fall better? Out of 17 students, 88.2% really look forward to this spooky holiday.


When fall rolls around, almost everything we know transforms to include pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice coffee drinks, pumpkin spice milkshakes, even pumpkin spice flavored sparkling water and cheese! Out of 17 students, 35.3% enjoy seeing the pumpkin spice flavored products that come along with fall.


When fall rolls around, we know it’s time to say goodbye to short- sleeved shirts and hello to sweaters! During fall, the weather begins to change from the heat of summer to a not-too-cold not-too-warm environment. Out of 17 students, 65% enjoy taking out their sweaters and going outside in the new fall weather.


Thanksgiving, the American holiday of giving thanks for what you have, and spending time with your family and friends as you all eat a feast you either prepared yourselves at home, or ordered at a restaurant you all enjoy. Out of 17 students, 58% love feasting on fall-favorites like stuffing while giving thanks for the things they have.


Why do they call it fall? Because of the falling leaves, of course! The leaves on trees begin to change colors such as yellow, orange and red before falling of the tree and settling on the ground below the tree. Out of 17 students, 70% love seeing the previously green trees transform into colorful fall trees.


When the fall season comes around, pumpkins begin to show up everywhere. You may see them in places around you, but pumpkins are most commonly known for carving! Out of 17 students, 58% enjoy carving pumpkins with their friends and family during the fall season.


“I LOVE Halloween and trick-or-treating with friends and family.” – Megan Maliziola, Freshman

“I most look forward to trick or treating and carving pumpkins.” – Gabi Kezios, Freshman
“I love the leaves, seeing all the different colors. it makes me feel really tranquil.” – Cindy Ponce, Freshman


(Picture credit creative commons)