Balancing the Mind

Discover yourself, discover yoga.

Sydney Fruehling, Photographer/writer

There are so many forms of exercising in which many citizens practice daily, but yoga is often overlooked by many. Over 5,000 years ago, yoga was created for spiritual development practices to enhance one’s self awareness and to train the body. Yoga has evolved into many things since its origin, but has kept the base of centering and grounding one’s mind and self awareness. Not only is yoga a great resource to strengthen the mind, but it also is a great source of activity to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Both the physical and mental sides of yoga have been proven beneficial if done often, however not many people know about the true benefits of yoga and therefore don’t practice it. The simplest poses or breathing exercises can make the biggest difference, and that is why yoga is so unique, yet praised and practiced worldwide.

If you haven’t conquered enough after Warrior 1, take on the challenge of Warrior 2. This yoga pose will have you engaging your core and controlling your breathing like no other. (Sydney Fruehling)
Still feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree after the downward dog? Vrikshasana will have you feeling as grounded and still as a tree. Emma Hansen, pictured on the left, is using her balance and core strength to stay still and stay grounded. (Sydney Fruehling)
Having a ruff day? Collect and calm yourself by practicing downward dog. This commonly used yoga pose is an easy way to make your life more paws-itive. (Sydney Fruehling)
Practicing Warrior 1 will have you feeling like you can conquer the world. Emma Hansen is pictured on the right taking on this challenge through her calm breathing. (Sydney Fruehling)