The Power of Sports Over Stress


Mikayla Sekulich

Lifting with Friends to Let Go of Stress

Brisa Zequeida, Sports Writer

Taking a break and jumping into a new world of creativity, where your mind isn’t focused on the toxic people surrounding you., That’s how it feels to play a sport. Many people suffer from high-stress levels, especially during their teenage years. Some people might resort to acting out, but one of the best ways to relieve yourself from stress is by playing sports. Madelyn Escobedo, a sophomore at Grant, has described her feeling on the competition floor as a “big adrenaline rush” and  includes how “the second [she] walk into the gym or like any competition, all [her] stress kind of just gets left outside and [she] just [focuses] on what [she needed] to focus on and it really helps de-stress.” Students, like Madelyne, who enjoy playing a sport and leaping into a new universe when playing, are more prone to less stress. However, sports are not the only source of removing stress, any kind of physical exercise can. Exercising causes your body to send signals to your brain to reduce any kind of adrenaline or stress. Finding the right people to trust can be difficult, but you will always find that one person with whom you can confide. Many studies have shown how being around a group of people who have the same passion for a sport as you, is easier to talk to and approach than people who don’t . Throughout Grant, we have many students and staff who enjoy doing sports. One staff member, in particular, is Ms. Bicknase. She enjoys throwing in track and voluntarily coaching girls’ volleyball this past season. Ms. Bicknase says that coaching “ makes [her] feel very fulfilled” and “good day, bad day. [They] really just do become [her] family.”  Creating a bond with peers, and coaches helps make you become more inclined to let go of anything bothering you. These relationships will not only help you but your coaches as well, to help with your performance. Yes, playing any sport can change your mentality, but in turn, you learn new life skills such as communication and professionalism. Any kind of exercise can make you feel better in your mental state. Exercising is a great way to become one with the world and maintain peace in your life. Being the best you possible will benefit you and your health, do what you love, and continue being you!