Winter Activities

Fun and exciting things to do in the winter

Eleanor Escobedo and Mikayla Sekulich, Art Director and Photographer

As the weather changes and the fall leaves disappear into the white obbis, there’s only so much to do for fun. As the winter months arrive, the end of the semester is near along with a two week break off. Though the holiday season could be quite joyful, these fun activities help make break become even more memorable!

Making slice and bake cookies is one of the most popular activities on the list. The Pillsbury holiday slice and bake cookies are less than five dollars at your grocery store. This holiday treat doesn’t require a pro baker, instead, it only requires a slice through the dough and to bake the cookies in the oven for a perfect holiday treat.

To treat yourself to more of a traditional holiday treat, building a gingerbread house with family and friends is another way to enjoy the holidays. By taking time to create a unique and delicious gingerbread house could result in making amazing memories with your loved ones. The gingerbread house kits can be found in Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

With the weather changing this means snow is coming. There are many different activities to do in the snow but a popular one that everyone has done when they were little was building a snowman. This can be a fun activity with friends to see who can build the biggest one. There are so many other activities to do in the snow including snowboarding, sledding, and snowball fights.

Last but not least grab a few blankets and pillows, call over some friends or family, turn on the tv and find a new or old holiday movie. This could be watched with the fireplace on, cuddling with pets, or even served with popcorn or peppermint hot cocoa. These winter activities are not only enjoyable for you and your family but also to remind each other of the joy and love the holidays bring!