The most Popular Halloween Costumes


Izzy Ellington, Features Writer

1 –  Witch

The witch is the most popular Halloween costume of all time withmore than 5.3 million people planning on dressing up as a witch for Halloween this upcoming holiday. Witches  have a more dark history when it comes down to the many theories about what a witch was. According to a website called, The Conversation, “Women were actually asleep, but were held captive by the devil, who deceived their minds in dreams.” This adds to the more spooky aspect of witches. After asking Jiada Jefferson, a freshman at Grant Community High School what her favorite Halloween costume she has had in the past was, she said, “A witch- it was easy to come up with.” 


2- Vampire 

The second most popular Halloween costume is a vampire, having more than 1.7 million people around the world dressing up as a vampire for Halloween 2022. The vampire, again, had more of an interesting backstory which was shown in an article written by Holiday Smart,  ”Slavic and Chinese legends believed that animals jumping over a corpse could make it come back as a vampire.” Many people were fascinated by this idea, creating the vampire into the second most popular Halloweeen costume. 


3- Pirate 

Everyone knows what a pirate is, making its popularity self-explanatory. About 989,000 people are dressing as pirates this Halloween. The fashion that pirates showcase were the most popular in the mid 1700’s. This style consisted of shirts, vests, suits, coats, and breeches. Breeches were pants that were short and tight, usually in an off white color. 


4- Black Cat

The superiority of black cats originates way back to the times of Ancient Egypt. They were worshiped at the same rate as Gods. The God that represented the black cat was named Basset, and was believed to be a woman. The woman aspect supported femininity, and was generally referred to as a, “powerful feline.” As time went on, the black cat was shown to be a little more twisted, and secretly involved with the devil. They were known to accompany witches and generally brought bad luck. This allowed black cats to be more appealing for a Halloween costume. 


5- Ghosts

The fifth and final most popular Halloween costume is the ghost. A ghost has many interpretations, known for being spirits from past lives that roam around the earth. Ghosts are a huge part of Halloween because it’s that time of year that “allows ghosts or spirits to escape freely,” says Live and Learn. Many people dress as ghosts for Halloween to represent ghosts that are supposedly running freely around us on October 31st of every year.