Purple and the Power it Invokes

Different shades of the color purple promotes different emotions within people.


Analise Cayet

Analise Cayet posing in her purple power suit at a Debate Meet.

Amariah Vivians, Features Journalist

Written By: Amariah Vivians

Royalty, ambition, and pride are some of the interpretations of the color purple. It promotes pride, royalty, and creativity within people and different shades symbolize different people and age groups. A darker shade of purple is seen as immature or for an adolescent, while lilac is more mature and for adults. Three Grant Community High School students (Aly Negovetich; member of Student Council, Analise Cayet; Debate Captain, and Molly Boyd; homecoming queen) talk about their ambition, creative ideas, and symbols of purple they can relate to that led them to their titles today.
Ambition drives and motivates us to carry out tasks we deem important. It’s what helps us persevere through the challenges that we face, and find creative ways to reach our goals. Without that ambition, we wouldn’t be motivated to do anything and we’d miss opportunities that could change you and others for the better.
Analise Cayet is a multi-award winning debate member and captain who is very ambitious and determined to excel in all of her tournaments. When asking her about what motivates her to win she replied, “Seeing the look on Coach Boton’s face when the announcer says my name for an award. Knowing that everything is individual and that I earned it myself makes me want to go for it more”. This helps her feel victorious and powerful.
As determined and motivated as Analise is, it’s not surprising that she would be exceptional in her role and in the team itself. Although she is not the only motivated student within Grant, Molly Boyd, Homecoming Queen, gives insight on what motivated her to run for court and the feeling she felt when she won.
Molly Boyd’s ambition for running was surrounded by accomplishing a task her sisters never did. It motivated her to go and try, even without high hopes of actually winning, and being fine with being in the court she was surprised to find out she had actually won. “Both my sisters considered running but never had the courage to do it. So I wanted to see what could happen if I ran and chose to do it.

“It was definitely surprising and overwhelming my stomach dropped, but I was proud of myself for achieving that goal.”

— Molly Boyd

Grant High School
Molly Boyd, Homecoming Queen, wearing a proud smile and her crown.

When people first think of purple the automatic response they think of is royalty. While others think of it in a different way and associate the color to the success and power in their life.
When asking Aly Negovetich about the meaning of purple and how she can associate it with purple she said, “I think of pride and royalty and student council embodies this because we take pride in our community, and in the school all we want is to help improve both and the lives of the students while they’re here”. Aly takes pride in her school and the work student council accomplishes within their community.
People don’t realize how colors truly affect us and our moods. They only see the color and not the meaning behind them, and certainly not how they can use it to their advantage to excel in life. Yes, purple can mean many different things and not all bad, but based on your perspective it can change the beauty in the rainbow.