A High School Horror Story

A High School Horror Story

Amariah Vivians, Features Journalist

High school is a time filled with magical moments and new beginnings, but once you get past the novelty of being older, you’ll see the true horror that lies between the halls. From the moment you step into the school you can see the terrorizing fear on the students faces, fear of the unknown for their future, fear of the everyday responsibility of their lives, fear of the truly scary encounters they face within the school. Three GCHS students: Allie Johnson, Shayna Cohen, and Cedajia Atterberry courageously gave their testimonies on the horrors that walk this hallway and provide ways to survive it.
From the first day of high school to graduation, students are bombarded about the reality of their future. One day they will have to come up with a plan for their life or face the reality of being left behind; that is the fear of the unknown in their future.
When asking Senior and dance team co-captain, Shayna Cohen, her opinion on the concept of darkness and the correlation to scary movies within high school she stated, “The darkness does represent graduating high school. And post high school is a very big and scary thought, but like in all horror movies, everyone opens the door even when they don’t know what’s behind it or what it’s like.”

And post high school is a very big and scary thought, but like in all horror movies, everyone opens the door even when they don’t know what’s behind it or what it’s like.”

— Shayna Cohen

Darkness is truly scary because you never know what’s in store for you and how to prepare for the unknown. Horror movies utilize the dark to help intensify the fear we get once surprised by the shadow lurking in the dark.
Michael Myers from the movie, Halloween always hides in the shadows, ready to strike when we least expect it. The only difference between the darkness he’s shrouded in and the darkness of our future is that we have a mental countdown of when we’ll open the door and face our success…or doom.
Although the threatening date looming over our head is scary, it’s not the only thing lurking in our brains. It’s everyday students and activities that they can’t get away from, such as bullies and presenting in front of the class. Things that most people look over as nothing could be a high schooler’s biggest fear.
Senior Shayna says “Public speaking or presentations in general is a bit scary. You get the suspense of a time clock until it’s time for your turn to go in front of the class and it’s like hearing the scary theme song when you know someone is behind the door and some stupid teenager is about to open it anyway.”
When talking to track star and senior Allie Johnson about the scariest things and certain morals you see in horror movies in relation to high school, she stated, “Trying to fit in and not be judged is a very big fear teenagers constantly go through because we’re embarrassed about being wrong and humiliated. That relates to scary movies because people decide not to go to the police out of fear of sounding crazy or being judged about the issue.”
Now we know about what’s happening between the horrific hallways, but how do we get ready to battle against these nightmares? So what usually triumphs over the masked man chasing you?
According to IT: Chapter 2, you make them feel like they are the last thing on your mind, and you and your friends support each other through the whole ordeal. As for presentations and deadlines hanging over your heads, the best thing to do is study and focus on your schoolwork because that’s what matters at the end of the day. When talking to Junior Cedaija Atterberry on ways to combat the fear you feel she suggested, “Outsmarting your problems such as finding ways to study better would help you survive high school.”

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