Creating Through Chaos


Elizabeth Newcomb, Features Editor

Angelina is a bright art student, yet she is so much more. Dealing with avoidance, procrastination, and heartbreak has molded her into an inspiring artist, but an ever better person too. Her teacher Mr. Carlson claims that she picks up on subjects quickly. This makes her exceptional in the classroom, and she is also great outside of school. Her personal struggles have motivated her to get on the right track. Whenever something hard happens, she makes the best of it.
To be fair it has been a rough road for Angelina for quite some time. Handling the loss of her father has deeply impacted her. In order to cope with her feelings, she chose to pursue art. One of the greatest things about Angelina is her strive to create meaningful drawings. She views art as an escape from what is going on around her.
When everything around her seemed like it was falling apart, Angelina knew she had to do something. Finding a way to express what she was going through needed to be done. Angelina started sketching and creating art to show what she had to deal with, but also to help better herself.
Along with finding motivation from within, she was gaining support from others. She claims that Mrs. Maestranzi always gave her something to look forward to at school, therefore she wanted to keep being engaged and learning. This is just another example of how spreading positivity can deeply impact someone else’s life.
Throughout future years it is deeply suggested that Angelina continue her journey in art. Her current teacher Mr. Carlson claims that she is a fantastic artist and that she picks up new material quickly. Her future is clearly bright and she will accomplish many goals in the rest of her time at Grant.