Powderpuff Recap

Read how the ’22 Powderpuff senior vs. junior game went.

Kahlen Davis, Sports

September 28th, the nail-biting Powderpuff game occurred. The juniors and seniors had a close game of 14-8. The seniors stayed in the lead for most of the game, but the juniors still were coming for the seniors by pushing themselves and playing the best that they could. As the two teams were going back and forth with the score, the seniors stepped it up and kept scoring those touchdowns to stay in the lead.  


Powderpuff at GCHS is a fun and supportive environment. ‘“The environment and all the people, overall it was just really fun,”’ Brooklyn Joplin states. Being supportive and caring to our students is what GCHS does best. Our students attended the Powderpuff game after the block party and filled the student section. Not only did the students fill the student section with students, but also with cheers and supportive chants.  ‘“Just knowing everyone’s there cheering for everyone. It was sweet.”’ Senior Trent Corriveau says. 


GCHS is one of the only student-led high school Powderpuff teams. Yes, sure there are adults there making sure nobody gets hurt, but the boys who sign up as the coaches make up their own plays and positions. “‘I’ve coached Little League teams before… knowing that in the knowledge I have, why not go have fun senior year and coach powderpuff,”’ Trent Corriveau tells us. 


Congratulations to the senior class for winning their very last high school Powderpuff game! If you too want to join Powderpuff, sign up by joining the informational meeting two weeks before Homecoming. If you cannot attend the meeting you can go to Mrs. Jordan’s room (184) to grab a form the day after the informational meeting. The meeting is typically on a Monday and the form would be due that Wednesday. If you’re worried about not being able to join Powderpuff because you don’t know how football works, “If you’re not really in to like watching football or doing it, it has nothing to do with powderpuff,” GCHS senior Brooklyn Joplin states.