Giving Gratitude Year Round

Elizabeth Newcomb, Features Editor

Every year as the holiday season approaches, majority of people find themselves spreading festive cheer. From October to November it seems as if majority of people up their positivity because of the thankful atmosphere. The common theme of giving and receiving gifts transpires and creates more gratitude, but isn’t this a practice we should be encouraging year round?
“There’s a lot of wonderful things in life that you need to show appreciation for,” says french teacher at Grant, Madame Rebecca Wilds. Personally, she believes in spreading joy everyday, not just at the holidays. “Overall, people tend to kind of think about those things more during the holidays. I think the holidays bring out that kind of goodness and appreciation. But I think we do need to be cognizant of that all year round.”
Switching the perspectives, but not the common theme, sophomore Alyssa Sbertoli shares the same values. “I feel that I am always grateful for the life I have been given.” Alyssa is highly involved with extra curricular and shared that her family life keeps her optimistic.
“The support of my family and friends helps me so much to have a good outlook on life. With all of this love surrounding me, I can’t help but to smile and appreciate so many of the amazing people that have always been there to support me.”
Throughout the season, holiday cheer is encouraged from the media and also our society. Sophomore Abby Allen would like to remind everyone of the true meaning of joyful spirit even through the holidays.
“Year round I try my best to stay positive but when it gets to the holidays I make sure I am and that I’m not faking it because you are surrounded by loved ones and friends who care about you and appreciate you.”
As this season progresses and the year continues to evolve, remember to be kind. Alyssa encourages to “spread kindness like confetti.” After all, nobody wants to surround themselves with a Grinch! Spread your confetti and positivity everyday!