Learning In Order To Teach


Elizabeth Newcomb, Features Editor

Whether it comes down to getting good grades, participating in school events, or being an amazing role model within the community, Sarah Kubicek does it all. Throughout her three years at Grant Community High School, Sarah has been incredibly dedicated to the wellbeing of herself and her education.
Working hard to maintain honor roll while graduating an entire year early is one of the many goals she has achieved. Along with those accomplishments, Sarah has also been highly involved with extracurricular activities such as volleyball, softball. FBLA, student council, also jazz and marching band.
When describing her almost graduated self, as opposed to her freshman self, Sarah found that she was way more confident. She stated, “I don’t let people push me around. I am strong and independent while on the other hand, as a freshman I was shy and a follower.”
Becoming a motivated member within her school community has only positively benefited her. She has been introduced to new and exciting experiences within society. For example, this year Sarah has began devoting her time to bettering her environment by volunteering with NICASA’S teen court. This is a wonderful opportunity for her to not only assist the public in an orderly way, but to also dip her feet into the impression of what a career in law would potentially be like.
Sarah Kubicek is not only a fantastic volunteer, but she is also always hardworking and dedicated towards becoming an inspiration for others. In December, Sarah had the chance to visit Stanton middle school and job shadow a teacher’s position for the day. From that experience, she learned what it meant to be empathetic as an educator and also how to interact with different maturity levels. These are both skills she will carry on with her for the rest of her life.
Education has always been an area of interest for Sarah. Following the conclusion of her high school career, she plans on pursuing a career related to educating young students.
“I’m looking forward to completing my college degree in education and coming back here to the wonderful teachers and administrators to teach a long successful career. Hopefully, I’ll change high schooler’s lives like how mine did with me.”
Based on that information, it is safe to say that Kubicek has a well drawn out plan of how she would like her future to go. Organization is another key factor that could be added to her list of successes that will also benefit her later in life as well.
Currently, Sarah is eager to begin her journey towards further independence, however will never forget the memories she made here at Grant.