How Does Music Effect Us?

People are often influenced in ways without them know so how has music influenced you and your fellow classmates

scan the qr code to see what students at grant are listening to

scan the qr code to see what students at grant are listening to

Abel cage, Journalist

 As best said by Spotify;

¨Music is such a core part of culture and everyday experience that it has long been believed to be connected to one’s personality.¨Studies have shown that the average 14-year-old listens to 2.45 hours of music a day, so how could music be affecting teens. Here’s what freshman, Devin Chrushniak has to say when asked how he’s affected by music “when,[he’s sad, he listens to 808’s and heartbreaks [songs]s or 17 the album, because it makes him happier.”Research has shown that music can decrease stress, improve productivity, and even problem-solving skills;  neuroscientist Kiminobu Sugaya in his course “Music and the Brain”  has stated that Alzheimer’s patients that are usually unresponsive start showing signs of responsiveness like singing and dancing when their favorite music is played. Lana Hutton citizen of illinois who is also, a certified nurse and dementia practitioner, has stated that music has helped her patients remember childhood memories and have helped her hospice patients feel more relaxed. Music has also been observed to increase productivity reportedly 90% of employees work better with music compared to without.

In addition Music artists also have a heavy effect on fashion as can be seen with artists such as Kanye West while owning Yeezy, Tyler the Creator owning Golf Wang, and even Kurt Cobain pioneering grunge in the late ’80s and early ’90s. These artists have all had and still have an influence on many people’s sense of style. considering Golf Wang still consistently selling out and Yeezy having people paying hundreds of dollars for retail and almost near thousands for resell price. 

Music has also been known to help people find social groups, I have made better connections with people because of music taste, it’s similar to having mutual hobbies.” Music has been seen to affect others’ music taste and even sense of fashion. It affects all of us differently, so how do you think it has affected your life?