Safety Guidelines For Halloween



Elizabeth Newcomb, Editor In Chief

Halloween is known as the holiday for excitement, candy, and fear! However, don’t let that excitement prevent you from being safe on this spooky day. The key tips to surviving this ghostly holiday is to simply check all of your candy for razor blades or drugs, travel through the haunted streets with a buddy, and most importantly, follow the Fox Lake trick or treating times!
The trick or treating fun seems to never last long enough, which in turn creates the debate on whether or not the hours are long enough or should be extended for extra for more opportunities to gather candy and produce memories.
Junior at Grant Community High School, Briana Promenzio, is fully ready to encourage the change of trick or treat times within Fox Lake for a multitude of reasons. She stated, “I think that they start really early which means that kids in school have to rush out of school to go get dressed and everything else.”
The time difference between the starting hours and the end of the school day is only fifty minutes. That doesn’t include transportation or preparation time for the evening. Following her previous statement, she concluded, “By the time you get ready, it is already halfway over. And

I feel like people want to trick or treat later in the night especially if you’re in high school. It’s more fun to be out later!”

— Briana Promenzio

On the other hand, it can be argued that later hours could have negative side effects such as kids get in trouble with the law, there would be a lack of adult supervision, and overall it would not be safe for everyone involved because of the dark.
Nonetheless, the pros and cons of this tiny debate are solid on both sides of the argument. However, that doesn’t mean that this holiday is any less enjoyable or fun, so get whatever side you’re on, make choices that are safe and Keep It Red on this Halloween.