Spreading Kindness Issue 3

How Humans Can Assist in Reversing the Effects of Pollution and Global Warming


Seager Johnson

Mount Rainier is a historical landmark suffering from new environmental problems like air pollution and global warming.

The birds are falling, the fish are drowning, and the earth is dying; can we reverse the effects of our actions? Pollution has become more prominent than ever before. People are using up all of Earth’s resources. Scientists predict that if we stopped using all fossil fuels today, it would take 100 years for the effects of global warming to stop progressively getting worse and finally begin to reverse. These generations will not live to see a time where global warming comes to an end, but they can still carve the path to lead future generations.


The image above captures the beautiful Mount Rainier of Washington State. Mount Rainier stands as the tallest mountain in Washington, with a beautiful snow-covered top. Below the mountain lay beautiful streams and flourishing landscapes, all of which could gradually disappear if conditions continue to worsen. The U.S. National Park Service worries about these dramatic effects on the environment due to global warming, not only at Mount Rainier but all across the world. As global warming continues to increase, the glaciers continue to melt at an astonishing pace, flooding and killing much of the surrounding forests. Air pollutants absorb into lakes and streams, poisoning the water for the animals that live in it or drink it. Many questions continue raising about how we can still salvage the environment from destruction. These questions lead others to become more environmentally conscious in their daily lives and finding ways to preserve this planet. 


All living things will go extinct if people don’t begin changing their lifestyles and environmental decisions. As Mrs. McCarthy puts it, “We all have to take care of the planet because if the planet is gone, then so are we”. Mrs. McCarthy, the Environmental Club Sponsor, tries to take every chance she can to be environmentally friendly in response to the problems we face today. “ I think that climate change is probably one of the biggest issues that we are facing…the climate is not what it used to be”. The effects of climate change surround us and cause problems that destroy our environment.

Seager Johnson

Consider this past Halloween. In the Chicago area, the average day of the first snowfall happens on November 17th, usually a light fluff, but this Halloween landed over three inches of snow. Our crazy weather is due to climate change and global warming, but why do they even exist?


There are three primary causes: the fuel we use for travel, the smog released from factories, and the number of resources sent to landfills. Whether we drive, fly, or boat, carbon monoxide releases into the air. The toxins in the smog from factories stay in the air. As raw materials decompose in landfills, they become cut off from oxygen and release methane as they decompose. These and other sources of pollutants collect in the air, trapping heat that would normally escape Earth’s atmosphere. As the collections of pollutants continue to trap air, the overall temperature of the Earth gradually increases, causing global warming and wacky climate changes. 


As I previously mentioned, our generations will never see the end of global warming, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make what we currently see better. There range many little things we can do to better our environment. You would be surprised how many effortless things you can do throughout the day to better the environment. Mrs. Richards teaches AP Environmental and makes sure to educate her students about the current problems in our environment. “My biggest concern is the number of resources we have on Earth and people not using them properly”.  Reusable and recyclable products have taken off in recent years. People reuse items in order to save money and save resources. Unreusable items become recycled if possible. This allows resources to be saved and reused in another way than their original purpose. 


In the age of educating the younger generations to change the world, many GCHS students take the initiative to step towards an eco-friendly life. Environmental Club President Avril Enciso speaks for many students when she discusses the need to efficiently use our resources. “We should find more renewable sources of energy.” People often use fossil fuels in their daily lives, but these fossil fuels will eventually run out. Renewable sources must be found. Additionally, these renewable sources will not be harsh on the environment. Many fossil fuels are burned and omit the previously mentioned gases that lead to global warming. If we can cut down the number of fossil fuels we use by resorting to renewable energy, we can eliminate much of the pollution in our environments. 

We Must Try to Make the Change”

We cannot survive without finding new ways to help the environment. A largely discussed topic in our current society focuses on treating each other better, but we must treat our environment better if we want to keep society. All life thrives on a healthy planet, and unfortunately, human impact is responsible for our dying planet. Just because something doesn’t exist yet doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to create it. Start the community compost, invite others to carpool with you once a week to grocery shop, create a website based around educating others on a specific problem in the environment. Be the one to make the change. Habits have to start somewhere. In order for things to change, we must try to make the change.

For more information about how you can spread kindness to the environment, go to: https://sites.google.com/view/waystosaveplanetearth.

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