Spreading Kindness Issue 1

Why Instagram is essential to changing the way we act, see, and think

Margo and Kayla convey that what matters is the project, not the people behind it.

Seager Johnson

Margo and Kayla convey that what matters is the project, not the people behind it.

Seager Johnson, Features Editor

Is Instagram important in changing society? Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms, and with this type of platform, news spreads faster. Good character is essential to spreading kindness, and many Instagram users are creating influencer accounts to inspire others into taking action and changing the way they think, see other people, or live. These accounts have become so popular because of their authenticity and their relatable messages, an important aspect of these accounts. Changing social norms in today’s generation is so important in creating a better, safer, and kinder tomorrow.
The idea of this story was influenced by Margo De Luna. He often puts inspirational messages and words of encouragement to others on his story. Each night, there is some kind of message to anyone watching, and even though they are just a short little clip, they have a lot of power. In a personal interview with Margo, he states, “I just choose to put the things on my Instagram, but in the end, it’s their choice to take it in or not…I can only hope for other people to actually take it in”. And wanting to do what he can to help other people was a founding element in creating the Live Your Truth Project, a project founded by him and Kayla Mcgill. The LYT Project takes form as an Instagram account intended to be an influencer and change social norms.
In a different interview with Margo and Kayla, they were asked what the overall goal was for the LYT Project, and they both gave the same answer almost simultaneously. “Change one heart”. This is one of the big things with social media influencers, they can only give you the message in hopes that they have at least made a difference in a single person’s life. Margo and Kayla hope for the one heart they change to send the message along or cause other people to see that they can also freely live their truth.
The Live Your Truth Project plans to create videos sharing life experiences and reflecting upon them in a way to inspire others and connect to other’s who feel broken, this way they can show them the power of living their truth. Margo says living your truth is “being who you are and being vulnerable…accepting yourself from the good side and the bad side of you.” ‘Hurt people’ hurt people. Part of living your truth is accepting those vulnerabilities and showing good character by not taking out your hurt on other people, but embracing your hurt and being proud of who you are no matter the flaws that are causing you hurt. Many people relate to others’ life experiences and modos, which influencers use to pull people into their plan and change the way people act towards themselves and others in society. You don’t have to be perfect, but you should always role model being kind to everyone because you don’t know what they or their lives are like. Just because society makes someone out to be a type of character, doesn’t mean they are. We need to see people as a person before we make assumptions about them, an important thing influencers are trying to change in the way we see and think of other people.
Social norms don’t define us. Make that part of your truth. Just like bullies push people down, social norms push back society, and the Live Your Truth Project is doing what they can to show people that it’s ok to be imperfect, we all are. Society should love you for who you are, but more importantly, you should love yourself for who you are. The widespread message among influencers is that we must leave behind expectations and social norms. We need to be the people who can say that we accept ourselves for who we are, the people that go out of their way to help other people feel proud to be that person and stop feeling the hurt, the people who will be kind, no matter the aspects of someone’s physical or emotional life. We all deserve to live our truth. We owe everyone the kindness to live their truth without judgment.
So yes, Instagram plays a big part in changing society. Instagram influencers are changing social norms, changing the way we act, see, and think, and helping people live their true character, one heart at a time. In a survey taken by students at Grant Community High School, over 85% of students agreed that they take Instagram influencers seriously. If we all follow the messages that these influencers are giving, we can show others the way to breaking the walls of social norms and living their character, and maybe one day, all people will take this topic seriously. Until we reach that day, keep spreading kindness.

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