On the Move – Walid Rafeh, Olivet Nazarene

On the Move - Walid Rafeh, Olivet Nazarene

Ethan Dicken, Junior Sports Editor

Walid Rafeh


Olivet Nazarene

Walid finally had his dream come true of playing tennis in college. Walid has decided to attend Olivet Nazarene due to a lot of factors. “The community, the team, the coaches, and the staff were really welcoming and it felt great. Similar to being home, I felt immensely valued. Their tennis team is really good and the level of competition is really high. Also obviously the scholarship offered was a main factor too” he says. Walid has always seen playing tennis in college in his dreams and that dream is a reality now. “It’s a dream come true. When I was little this only happened in my dreams, now it’s a reality and it’s tough to believe” Walid says. Walid owes a lot of his success to people outside of the country. “I owe a lot to my coaches in Venezuela and Aruba that helped me immensely. My family and friends always supporting me and helping me through tough times. Definitely last but not least God for giving me this opportunity I feel immensely blessed and grateful” he says. To help prepare Walid is also traveling back to Venezuela to get some practice in with his coaches. The sky’s the limit for this tennis superstar.