On the Move – Carlos Martinez, Rock Valley


Ethan Dicken, Junior Sports Editor

Carlos Martinez


Rock Valley

People have doubted Carlos all his life and he now finally gets to prove those people wrong with him going to Rock Valley for baseball. “ It makes me feel really good to play baseball in college because a lot of people doubted me in my life saying “your not good enough to play” “ your too small to play” that motivated me even more throughout my life and being able to succeed in baseball and play college ball is the best thing in the world I could ever ask for” he says. Carlos picked Rock Valley because of the togetherness of the team and the great academics. “What made we go to rock valley college was the brotherhood they have their the team chemistry that school carries with baseball and the love they have for the game. and also the academics is amazing over there and it’s a very good college and I’m very grateful to be going to a beautiful college like this” he adds. Carlos is giving his all this summer to get ready for the season. “I am working harder each and everyday no matter what. To me their is no breaks if you take pride in what you do and what you believe in then you will put in the blood and sweat into what you enjoy doing no matter what. That’s why I’m going to play at rock valley college. That’s why no one will ever pass me up or stop me because I will always give 110 percent into what I enjoy doing” Carlos says. Rock Valley is getting a unique player who has a lot to give.