Strike Out or End the Drought?


Ethan Dicken, Junior Sports Editor

The 2017 to 2018 season for the girls softball team was a bit of a letdown.
The team has gone to the Western Regionals the past 2 years and lost to Mchenry both years. The team is now looking to beat Mchenry to ultimately try to make a run to state, something that has never been done in Grant softball history.
Coach Van Alstine believes they can get over this obstacle and hopefully make it to state this year, by preaching players to hold themselves accountable this year rather than in previous years.
The team lost some key players last year but they believe they can overcome the loss due to how motivated they are.
Players that still stand are the players most dedicated to the game. The team’s track record might not look the best on paper, but now the team’s investment in the game has changed.
There is absolutley zero tolerance towards towards no effort. They have sacrifised so much for this soon to be obtained victory. Cramming more training and conditioning into each practice and offseason, but success is key to these girls.
“So it’s all about what they do in the offseason, just like any other sport.” Coach Van Alstine expresses.
The team is also hoping to win conference this year, as they lost to Antioch in the Conference Championship last year and are hoping to make that wrong a right. Coach is asking players to do what other teams aren’t willing to do to make them better.
Senior Calista Warmowski believes the team has gotten stronger and better than they have ever been before due to all the off-season training they have been doing.
Calista has been assisting the younger players by helping with hitting and fielding. She hopes the best for the younger players and wants the best for them.
Warmowski believes winning regionals this year is possible. However they are going to have to work hard every practice to maximize their potential .
These obstacles helped make the team united with strength. One thing is certain for the softball team, that the sky is the limit to how high they will hit.