Kickn’ to the Top

GCHS Boys Varsity Soccer Wins


Eleanor Escobedo

Working Together

Briseis Zequeida, Sports Writer

 Soccer is kicking the ball out of this world! Winning a total of 9 games in a row! These bulldogs are unstoppable and are playing to win. The beginning of this season was a little rocky, nevertheless, they’ve been thirsty for a season to remember. Not only are these varsity players working hard on the field, but they are also juggling both academics and practices after school. This can be so difficult at times because being a student-athlete requires a lot of focus and intention.  In addition to this amazing season, our very own varsity soccer bulldogs have the eagerness to beat their record next year, but for now, they have proven that they are at the top and there to stay! This means that there will be nothing in their way and their club season hard work will pay off for more years to come. Overall our own bulldogs have had a goal-setting mindset that is indestructible and are ready for next season!  Why are these soccer bulldogs winning now more than ever before? Does it have something to do with their losses and wins? Are they learning from their mistakes? Let’s see what they have to say! “After practice, we always focus on running the game and like what we can improve on. So if we weren’t talking about the game work, we talked about  communicating, and if we didn’t switch the ball up.’  This was said by Freddy Kunzer, a varsity soccer player. This goes to show that in order to succeed in a sport and academics, you have to put your mind to it and work on your game as a team. In conclusion, our soccer team has been training harder and harder every day to make this year an amazing year and definitely one to remember! Grant is so excited to see what this next year has in store and we are ready for you to break your record. Let’s Go Bulldogs!


Teamwork (Eleanor Escobedo)