Varsity Boys Bowling at GCHS

The Varsity Boys bowling team gives details on their season.


Sydney Fruehling

GCHS Varsity Boys Bowling Captain Josh Hawkins & Jake Siong posing with customized Grant High School bowling balls.

Jaslene Huerta, Sports Writer

        Fun, relaxing, and competitive are a few words to describe bowling. It seems as though Grant’s Varsity Boys Bowling team is on a roll. The team currently has 28 members and their coach, Mr. Viscioni, says that “The team is strong and they are finishing well in the tournaments.” The team currently has a record of 8-2, and with the many wins, comes with many records broken. During the week of Nov.21, 2022, the bowling team broke a record for most pins in a three game series in a match. In that same week, Josh Hawkins had scored yet another 300 which is a perfect game! 

        Another player on the bowling team, Jake Siong, started bowling in his freshman year. He has greatly improved his performance throughout his time playing with the Grant Bowling teams. This season, he placed top three for an individual game with a hefty score of 279. From just last year to this year, he’s gone from a 170 to 190 point average. Jake explains that he has grown to be a better player since he first started playing, “My form has gotten way better, and my average went up about 20 pins,” commented Siong. He has also stated how he wants to improve more on his ball control, balance, and mentality throughout his games. “I always fall under pressure. It’s the pressure of a perfect score, and striking every time,” said Siong. Motivation is needed in any sport, and for Siong, his bowling experience has it’s ups and downs. “One of the rules I have in life is to follow through on whatever I’m doing. So when I started bowling, I said, if I started to like it, I will try to push myself to become the best bowler,” stated Siong, “And throughout the whole thing, there were some times that were rough.”

        When asked about improvements that he’d noticed, Mr. Viscioni said, “I think that’s up to the bowlers. We have a summer camp and we do things in the off-season. I really want to get them involved in that.” said Viscioni. For students who wish to participate in future bowling activities for Grant, Mr. Viscioni suggests to join the bowling summer camp, and to be open to learning. Jake Siong also recommends to take advantage of the camp. “We have a lot more time during summer camp to practice, and there’s no matches,” said Siong. “There’s definitely a lot more time, and a lot of days in a row we can practice. That’s where you’ll probably see the most improvement.”

        Coaches are vital to a team’s confidence in-game. Players need support and advice from them, as they need to learn how to improve. During his years of coaching, Mr. Viscioni has learned a lesson. “I feel like the whole thing is about watching the students improve. So, one thing I learned is; coaching is not so much about winning or losing, it’s watching the bowlers become better over time.” said Viscioni, “So it’s not so much about the end result. It’s about the process.”