New Parking at Grant

Jenna Russo, News writer

Recently at Grant Community High School, there were new parking lots added. Based on recently gathered information, about 76% of students at GCHS believe the new parking spaces are a major improvement. Traffic is always a problem getting to and from school, students are often late because of it. Adding parking in different locations can cause fewer traffic jams because they are spread out and people aren’t just going in one way and out one way. Junior at Grant High School Kiki Chatterjea thinks, “ the new parking lot is very beneficial to students, especially the lot that is only $30 to park at rather than the $100 one.” Some students can’t afford to spend that much money so the new lot is a great compromise. By students driving to school, they can feel more independent and adult which can help prepare them for the real world. These new parking lots can also be a benefit to parents who have kids who can drive because with more room in the parking lots there is more room for drivers to park. . Although students may have their licenses there may not be enough parking but now with the two new parking lots there is plenty of room for students.