Fall Play Returns to GCHS

Bryan Angeles, News

Eurydice and Metamorphosis is a two-part play that the GCHS theatre students have been preparing since September 1st. From cast to tech, they have been working hard to achieve a perfect look for their opening day by meeting every week on polishing their act. As the play approaches, the theatre students are making final preparations so they are ready to open their doors on November 19th. 

There are set designers and builders, as a team, the designers give builders blueprints and then the builders go on and construct it. Tech has been working on the stage by building the aspects of the set since they’ve begun meeting. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday to work on the set of the different aspects of the play. GCHS Sophmore Bloom Dawson, who is a part of the tech team of the cast said  “I’m a crew member. So we’re just making the set. We’re almost in the stage where we can start decorating it because most of the fundamentals have been done.” In tech, there are 2 different departments. 

While the tech team has been working on their craft, the main cast has started to prepare for their performance as well. The cast also has been working on their lines and acting. GCHS Senior Peyton Baisden, who is playing the Nasty Man, goes to rehearsal every week, “but on my own time I work on my lines and try out different things to see what works and take that into my next rehearsal.” Theatre has worked hard to have things be perfect for their opening day which was received very well.