Sony’s New PlayStation 5


The PlayStation 5 in all its glory

Nickolas Groh, Features Journalist

For a long time, the playstation 4 has been at the top of the gaming market. When it was released in 2013 people loved how fast it could run games and how powerful the system was, and still is. After a while, Xbox, playstations rival, announced they were going to make a new and better Xbox. In response playstation decided to begin work on a new, even better playstation, and so they did. 

it can run games at a stunning 4k,120fps pixel resolution”

They worked diligently making the console as powerful and elegant as it could be. If I may say, they did a great job. Not only does the console look great, but it can run games at a stunning 4k,120fps pixel resolution, and even has support for 8k,60fps, though there are no games that can run at that yet.  Whereas, the playstation 4 could only run games at approximately 1080p, 60fps, unless you had the playstation pro, which could run games at 4k, 30fps. These are drastic changes to the playstation lineup and this is a huge step towards making a console run like a pc.


The playstation 5 has two models available: The digital deluxe and standard. The digital deluxe has no disc drive, meaning all games must be digitally downloaded, and the standard edition will not come with a disc drive. The digital edition will run you about $399 while the standard will run you $499, but on the plus side, if you order the console now, you will receive a few free games such as “Spider Man: Miles Morales”. You may want to wait a while for the price to go down, or for someone to be selling one used. 


The first playstation VR was kind of a letdown for hardcore vr users, due to the fact that it had a limited game library and people did not like the controllers. If Sony makes another VR, hopefully they do it right. Within only hours, all PS5’s were sold out on their release date last week. Sony has worked diligently on the PlayStation 5 and I believe it is going to quickly become the number 1 gaming console.

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