Lost in Space Season 3 : What can we expect?

Nickolas Groh, Journalist

The third and final season of “Lost in space” has everyone hyped up for the return of our favorite characters and of course, Will Robinson’s robot. But when will this season come out and what can we expect? 


According to “https://worldtoptrend.com/” a website that reports on the latest TV shows, and Screen Rant  the last season will be coming out in 2021, though the specific date is not known, it is estimated that the new season will arrive in september, of course taking measures to stay safe due to the covid-19 pandemic, although there is no evidence that the show will adhere to the covid-19 guidelines. Since filming just started, Netflix has not yet released a trailer for the final season. A picture of two cast members next to a few different pieces of the set went viral on social media and people went nuts about the beginning of the shows production.


The second season left us all on a huge cliffhanger. And also left us with many many unanswered questions. If you haven’t seen it, spoiler alert, the Robinsons are lost in space again. The signal that they jumped to lightspace turned out to be an old spacecraft called the Fortuna, and Judy’s dad could be aboard. We were also left with the idea that Dr. Smith might not be dead! This is contrary to what we all thought happened to her in the room with all the robots.  This was a great way to end the second season, and to create some very great, epic cliffhangers.  When asking around for opinions on the ending, many people responded with comments like these: “ The way they ended it was just… amazing”. “The did a good job making the ending as suspenseful as possible”

The third and final season of Lost in Space is going to be great. And we all just can’t wait for it to come out!