Quarantine at Paddy’s Pub

“Danny DeVito” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Threatened by one of the worst flu seasons”


Threatened by one of the worst flu seasons Philly had ever seen, the gang, of the hit sitcom “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”, is forcefully quarantined inside the bar they own. Fear and panic very quickly ensue and that panic only increases over the course of the episode. Fear of ordering food for delivery, alcohol consumption lowering the immune system, and a breached hazmat suit while shopping at the grocery store all weigh heavy on the minds of the gang. In the midst of this panic, Frank, the group’s patriarch and person atm machine, who had gone completely insane, completely shaves his entire body for fear of unsanitary body hair. While the reactions of the characters are hammed up for television, their emotions and thoughts are shared by many during the rein of COVID-19. One of the measures being taken worldwide is the practice of social distancing. The characters in the show have also taken this precaution, though in a more extreme manner. Dennis and Dee are both locked into the bathroom by Frank who is now crazed and holding a knife as a means of both shaving and protection. All the while, Mac and Charlie find themselves with the task of grocery shopping. To do this safely the two utilize hazmat suits and Karate to thwart away the coughing elderly people in the store. It is while Mac is showing Charlie his newest dance moves that he trips and rips a hole in his suit. Charlie promises not to tell, but when pressured by his roommate Frank, he cracks and rats out his friend. This lands everyone besides Danny Devito´s character (Did I mention Frank is  Danny Devito playing a knife-wielding and drug-addicted old man on this show?) Inside the bathroom prison. While trapped, four of our trapped heroes fall deathly ill. Vomiting ensues and they can no longer practice for their Boyz 2 Men singing competition. The episode ends by revealing that none of them were sick to begin with. They were just having alcohol withdrawal symptoms. While this makes for a hilariously dark ending, the messages of the episode are still very relevant to our current situation.  


While the vast majority of us have yet to turn into knife-wielding maniacs, the virus has nearly everyone feeling somewhat like the characters on Sunny. The uncertainty of the future and the fear of infection may have us all feeling a little crazy, but the best way to make it past the uncertainty and fear is by doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus, and by learning from the gang’s mistakes. Dennis and Dee order pizza and drink alcohol. Breaking the quarantine and lowering their immune system. While it might seem tempting to order food, precautions need to be taken that were not by the Reynolds siblings. Grocery shopping is essential, and Mac and Charlie wearing hazmat suits isn´t a bad idea, but it was when they were wasting their time and playing around that the breach occurred. Had they got in and got out as quickly as possible, there would never have been a problem. Even being too much like Frank can be dangerous. Washing hands and maintaining distance is effective enough. You don´t need to cover your shaved body in hand sanitizer and lay on the floor like Frank. 

Warnings and advice such as “minimize the spread” “wash your hands” and “only go outside for essentials” might seem overused and repetitive, but the phrases aren’t any less true. Washing your hands, covering your face, and staying inside are small but crucial parts of keeping everyone safe and, in the case of the Paddy´s Pub staff, not locked in a bar bathroom. Doing your part, as cliche as it sounds, is crucially important to resuming what we all consider ‘normal’ life. So whether you feel bored and annoyed, or crazed and insane, our world and the world of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia agree that staying safe and protected is crucial, and waiting this bug out is how we keep ourselves and the ones we love from becoming sick. 


If you are feeling bored or going crazy I highly recommend finding a way to watch It´s Always Sunny in Philidelphia. I absolutely love this show and the very next episode after ¨The Gang Gets Quarantined¨, ¨Flowers for Charlie¨ is another absolute smash hit for the series. If you don´t mind a little tinge of darkness to your humor, this is the show for you. Stay safe out there.

“Always Sunny in Philadelphia Promo Shoot” by ltenney1225 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0