GCHS Opens Its Closet Doors to Students in Need

As a Bulldog family, we understand that many of us have untold stories that we carry with us daily. Grant Community High School serves as an anchor to our community and holds the responsibility of embracing students during difficult times. Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Skeels identified this role and came up with a plan to initiate a Comfort CLoset at GCHS as a way to provide students with basic necessities.

Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Skeels started the comfort closet in the spring of 2019. In the closet are necessities that are needed such as clothes, hygiene products, backpacks, shoes, and school supplies. The idea started simply because student services had multiple requests from students and families in need. Shroeder states, “The reason I wanted to get this started was that I wanted to offer a resource to all students no matter what their socioeconomic status may be. That was the driving force behind me approaching my administrator with the idea.”

The comfort closet affects not just our school, but it affects the community letting them know the school is here to help with anything they are struggling with.

Mrs. Schroeder says it only took her six months to get everything together and the minute things started it went viral everywhere and everyone wanted to do whatever they wanted to help including donations of money or clothes. Jokingly she says “We’re going to need the field house for this thing.” Mrs. Skeels was also humbled by the community’s enthusiasm and support for the project. “It was really amazing how many people wanted to help us build our closet inventory,” she commented.

Schroeder believes that it has a lot of potential to become bigger. We can do our part in expanding the closet and keep it running by simply donating money, clothes, supplies, winter clothing, shoes, hygiene products or simply our time. The comfort closet is located in the green hallway by the weight room. Anyone in need of the Comfort Closet’s resources should contact their student adviser. To know more about the comfort closet click here.