A Life Worth Cheering For


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At each and every pep assembly, within the senior section, there always seems to be that one overly excited superfan who goes all out with school spirit. Rallying up the crowd and cheering at the top of their lungs seems to be that persons specialties. Every school has one and at Grant, his name is Ryan Tevaga.
When asked to describe his high school career, Mr. School Spirit had nothing but positive statements to include. “In my opinion, high school has been one of the greatest experiences of my life… There’s always something happening which is kind of fun to me!”
With being a member on the football, lacrosse, wrestling, and cheerleading team, Ryan learned great skills of leadership and communication as well. It also helped him grow as a person and learn new concepts.
From freshman to senior year, Ryan claimed that there was a change within who he was as a person. He claimed that he got out of his shell and when talking about the advice he would give his freshman self he stated, “Honestly I would just say to go out for new sports or try something new. Or even take an AP class, I mean why not?”
Following that statement, Ryan opened up about what changed within him from his freshman to senior year. He described it as a very positive outcome. “My freshman self was more ‘inside’ compared to now, no matter what you can’t get me to shut up. I’m always trying to be that person that’s basically a class clown in every class.”
Tevaga typically finds himself in front of the crowd whenever he can. Being around people within a social setting is what created his character. Naturally, that means that pep rallies, dances, and super fanning at games were his go to places to express himself.
Ryan stated, “For me, winning homecoming king was definitely one of the best parts of my high school career. And at every football game when you see the fans in the stands it’s wow. Watching and listening to the crowd as you’re playing the game it feels like a once in a lifetime feeling. You get this sort of jolt of adrenaline and have a moment of content because you know that they are cheering for you and are at that game because of you. That is what drove me to play everyday.”
However, as Ryan’s high school career comes to an end, these moments of the fans in the stands and becoming hoco king are all memories he will take with him for the rest of his life. To better show his point of view, he lends out advice to underclassmen. He stated, “You don’t need to try so hard to fit in. If you’re yourself, you’ll find your own group of friends. And you will get some sort of happiness out of it.”