What to Watch: Horror Films

October 30, 2018

With Halloween on the way, students can probably find themselves sitting on the couch binge-watching horror movies and horror TV shows for hours and hours. With all the Halloween seasons we have already been through, it may be difficult to try and find films we haven’t seen. When we look back at old horror movies, we may realize we haven’t seen some of them, or even heard of some of them. Well, today we are going to look at some popular horror movies that came out before or a little after we were born. First up on the list, we have one of the most well-known horror movies.

The Shining”. “The Shining” is an American psychological film that came out on May 23, 1980. In the movie, we are introduced to the loving family consisting of Jack, Wendy, and their son Danny. When the family decides to stay in the Overlook Hotel, however, Jack begins to unravel the secrets of the hotel, which begin to bring out a homicidal side he never knew he had. Mr. Schmitt, a teacher here at Grant, goes on to say “I think ‘The Shining’ is a phenomenal movie.”

Second up, we have “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is a popular slasher film that came out on November 9, 1984. The film tells the story of a serial killer named Freddy Krueger who kills teenagers in their dreams, the teenagers actually dying in their sleep. A girl named Nancy and her boyfriend Glen try to unravel the mystery as to why so many teenagers are dying in their sleep, but are they too late? “There’s some really really cool dream imagery in that movie,” says Mr. Schmitt.

Third, we have “The Conjuring”. “The Conjuring” is a supernatural film that came out on July 19, 2013. In this movie, we can see the story of the Perron family and the farmhouse they moved into with their five children. Two paranormal investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren are called to investigate the farm house after it was believed to have paranormal activity. They begin to investigate the house, but see that there really isn’t anything
wrong. As they begin to see the house’s history, however, the paranormal activity begins to show. Mr. Schmitt says “I think it’s really really well told.”

Last but not least, we have “Carrie”. “Carrie” is a supernatural film that came out on November 3, 1976. The movie is about a girl named Carrie White and her life of being bullied at school and abused at home. When Carrie gets invited to prom by a boy named Tommy Ross, she begins to feel accepted and hopes this is an opportunity for a change in life. When prom actually comes around, Carrie realizes something she hadn’t known before, and it changes her from a nice girl into something much more violent.

After looking at all the older horror movies in the film industry, I’m sure we are all interested to go watch at least one of them. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t typically enjoy horror films, give it a try! You never know if you’ll like them unless you try watching them! Happy Halloween, Grant!



The Nun

Tells the story of a nun who took her life. A priest is
sent out to investigate the scene, but over time learns
and sees much more than bargained for.

A Quiet Place

Tells the story of a family that live in a world
where you can’t make noise, or else ‘they’ will
find you.


The story of Michael Myers’ escape
from prison and his return to
murder the innocent.


Tells the story of a grandmother’s daughter and
grandchildren. After the death of their grandmother, the
grandchildren and their mother begin to unravel the secrets
about their family.


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