Tackling Leadership on the Field

Leadership and Teamwork are qualities that Football requires inside of it’s players to function.

Adil Siraj, Writer

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Who are Grant’s football captains and what makes them who they are? Is it the diligence they put into their work, or the endless hours they use to better themselves indefinitely? As a result, the impact the captain has is what matters.
The teamwork and leadership that the position requires is a skill that only a few select can natural fulfill. Mr. Robinson is the Head Coach of the football teams and has experienced the role of captain
Mr. Robinson’s perspective of a good captain is someone who leads by example and makes sure that whatever they do is followed in the team’s best interest. Captains have to have a good sense of responsibility, follow the expectations of the coaches, and understand that if they do not, they’ll lose the position. Certain traits and attributes that a captain requires to be fruitful in the current season. Leading is a must-have, as there are always eyes on them and their actions. Being able to take criticism and having a thick skin is a requirement.
Having the capability to be on the same page as your fellow captains and communicate easily is a must on the team to ensure that you all can work easily with one another.
Captains have a great deal of pressure on them no matter what, as Mr. Robinson said, they have to act a certain way wherever they are to uphold the reputation that is expected of them, alongside always being a teammate and making sure that they always are helping their partners behind.
Luke Bedrosian embodies and understands the amount of dedication and commitment as a football captain. He knows how the pressure feels in the heat of the moment and how to deal with it extensively. You have to remember that on the field and in the game, you always have to keep your feelings and ego out to prevent yourself from messing up. Expectations are always high, alongside making sure to help your teammates to provide everyone with the sort of mindset to keep whoever going and improving.
Teamwork and leadership are traits that captains require on the field. These traits and many others are all needed to run like a smooth machine and continue onwards. Take out these two, and you’ll be stuck with no fuel to keep running onto triumph.
John Bolton is someone who understands this personally and uses it to the football team’s advantage as they advance through the season. The pressure is something that the majority of the players handle game after game alongside resulting in victory as they deal with it triumphantly.
The team has to remember that they are allowed to have fun, but keep it serious when they play other opponents. Remembering to keep up and have spirits high is key, if you don’t, then things will get low and everyone will become tired, not putting in the effort. You have to remember to keep going uphill and make sure everyone is alright, then the mood will lower and once more effort will be at an all-time low.
This year, as John Bolton said, “We got a lot of help from plenty of people. Especially the seniors this year. It’s better than the last few years.” The players are contending especially well due to this as they are able to bond successfully with one another and understand what they need to do. Making sure grudges and anger are not apparent, ensures that once more they know how to perform and take advantage of the fact.
The football team has successful leadership and teamwork to effectively play alongside one another and use it on their conquest to face challenges time after time. Game after game, they continue to work hard and achieve success for the sweet taste of victory.
“They’re on their best behavior, not just on the field, but also in the classroom, at home, out in public. They have to be the role models for the team.” This quote from Mr. Robinson is one that helps show how the players should act on and of the field. Being on your best behavior helps gives respectability and dignity to the Grant Community and Bulldog name, and to be a role model lets the team maintain a level of normality aside from each other.