Player Card- Zeven Linbo, Issue 1 Volume 2

Ethan Dicken, Sports Editor

Zeven Linbo – Golf


For Zeven to grow as a golfer in the offseason he needed to keep things simple and fun. Working on little tools and watching others has him ready for this season. “In the off-season I am working on mechanics I learn from the golf channel…”. The coaches have also helped Zeven adjust his game. “The coaches have walked with us on the course and gave us little pointers on how that could be better which always helps…”. With all the help Zeven has gotten this offseason he learned last year that Golf is a mental game too. “I learned that especially in golf you have to keep your head high…”. Zevens is ready for this season and ready to get the job done. “ I look forward to having fun with my team and the coaches and winning some golf matches…”.