On the Move – Calista Warmowski, Marian


Ethan Dicken, Junior Sports Editor

Calista Warmowski



Calista choose Marian to be able to be away but still close enough to see her family and friends. Calista also liked Marian because of the campus and town. “the town has so many adventurous things to do” she says. Calista has wanted to go to college for a long time and now to be going for softball is crazy to her. The people who have helped Calista get to where she is now is her parents and her coaches. “My family has helped me so much, especially my mom. My coaches have also helped me quite a bit. Both travel and school” she adds. Calista is working really hard to get herself ready for college ball. “I’m jumping right into Sports Rec and Management” she says. Calista is also working off the field to make a smooth transition. “I need to start working on my time management skills, trying to manage practice and get all my work done” she explains. People are going to know where Calista came from when she gets to Marian.