Exploring Consequences


Mariah Ona, News Editor

What’s the point in fighting fire with fire if it will create more smoke.
This is exactly what the deans at grant at Grant are trying to confront. On December 17th 2018 a parent student forum was held in regards to how little people actually know on this matter.
“A lot of people think it’s a tool to stop smoking and that’s not at all what it is… there is a ton of harmful things.” stated Dean Anderson
This is a good way to put the matter because we don’t know how this will affect people years from now. Smokers now know the stats, though now they are dealing with the aftermath of smoking.
Grant Community High school parents were invited to learn more on what we know so far. A presentation was given following with a video. If this wasn’t such a big deal why would we need to know about it.
Guests were given a worksheet like form about vaping following a slide show and movie. The slide show represented current stats we have on vaping worldwide and in our school. The results were kind of shocking just in the past two years of record. The more time went on the worse the situation got.
Dean Anderson explained “there’s a group of, you know 1,000 students here that have not been totally educated”.