Player Cards – MaCalyn Flores, Issue 4

Bryce Mandala, Sports Editor

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MaCalyn Flores, Freshman, Girls Basketball

Referee’s Most Valuable Player
18 Points Against Huntley
Varsity Starter
Point Guard

Heart Over Height:
Standing at five feet tall, Freshman, MaCalyn Flores has already made a name for herself at the Varsity Basketball level. She was named the starting point guard for the Bulldogs back in November and has been lighting it up ever since. In some cases, stepping into a role as big as hers could be a real challenge for some players. Coming from middle school, straight to the biggest stage in high school basketball, but she’s embraced it and has had some Varsity veterans help her along the way. With more than 3 seasons left, it’s no telling the ceilings she’ll reach.