Cup of Controversy

Elizabeth Newcomb, Features Editor

Fall has officially arrived and you know what that means! Pumpkin spice lattes have returned back to menus all over the country. Whether you’re a Dunkin Donuts type of person, or if you prefer Starbucks, one thing remains constant; you either love or hate pumpkin spice lattes. According to a poll done on the GCHS newspaper instagram page, the results were very close. 48% of people who took this pole were all for it but 52% said they’d rather not. This topic has been a controversy about flavor for years, but what is even more debatable is the release date of the product.

Starbucks released their version on August 28th, the earliest it has ever been. Dunkin Donuts unveiled theirs on August 27th, one day before Starbucks. Several people claim that it is way too early for either of these drinks to hit the market! Others think differently and are excited to have them so soon. Regardless of the debate, they are definitely worth a try. You never know, you could like it a latte!