Business incubator Intro

Joeseph Proa, Photographer, News writer

Here at Grant, we have a brand-new class known as a business incubator. This class can be mixed with all grades, not limiting to just upperclassmen. In this class you are given a new classroom setting, consisting of seeing the outside. New chairs and a noise proof room all in one classroom. Not only is the setting new and improved to your average classroom, so is the working environment. In this class, you learn how to work with all kinds of peers. On top of this you learn to create and conduct formal presentations. 

The Main interviewee being Jake Deacon. He discussed his experience so far along with what he has learned this year. “This is the first class I think that I’ve ever taken where we think about entrepreneurship, and I think this is the only class at Grant that offers entrepreneurship skills’ ‘(Deacon). Jake’s product that he is developing with his classmates, is the extendo cart. This is a cart that puts itself away. One piece of advice Jake would give new students taking the class is “It’s okay to fail, just know that failure comes with opportunities from failure. Use failures as a push to the right direction¨ (Deacon). Traits that Jake is going to keep with him after this school year is ¨I’m currently going to major in business, and I feel as if I will have a jump forward over people who have not taken this class¨(Deacon). 

Lola M, a senior at Grant who is currently taking the Business Incubator class, has previously decided she would like to go into the business field after high school. Her product that she is currently working on with her classmates is the ¨Doggy socks¨. Where she and her teammates are trying to revolutionize the collars for the socks. In the groups they have designated roles and her primary role is the Customer Champion. As the customer champion, you are focusing on building foundational communication skills and problem solving on the spot skills. One skill that Lola will take on with her is ¨Probably the work ethic, really being hungry for something and the drive being able to actually reach it¨ (Lola M). 

Finally, a part of the sweat group, trying to make the most confident you. Is a senior at Grant, Faith Rudolf. Faith has developed many qualities taking the business incubator class. “Partnership, I feel as if me working together with people can get me anywhere in life” (Rudolf). When asked if she would bring these entrepreneurship skills, she of course said yes. Faith plans on using her business skills when she is finished with her cosmetology school. Also, one piece of advice she gives to future students taking the class is ¨If you want to be successful, you have to try to be willing to put in the work. Work up from your failures¨ (Rudolf). 

What to tell from this is, if you want to go into the entrepreneurship world. And not only gain business skills, decide to take this class. You’ll become a well-rounded person and be able to expand on business to peers.  compressed