The New Start

Late Starts have been around for the last decade, but how are they truly beneficial?

Adil Siraj, News Journalist

Late starts are a crucial part of the week’s schedules, proving useful to both teachers and students alike. Late starts help both groups immensely by giving teachers the ability to plan and prepare their schedule for the week, and by allowing students to recuperate. Junior Rigo Delao, who is a student at Grant Community High School, feels that late starts are the perfect time to rejuvenate. Wednesdays allow students to catch up with their school work, make up for sleepless nights, and overall, recharge themselves. Though there are a few cons to Late Starts, Rigo wishes that Team was a class on Wednesdays, because he enjoys “watching the team videos and seeing what the lunch and announcements are.” The schedule including late start days is overseen by Mr. Schmidt, who is the Principal of Grant Community High School. His administrative duties include taking care of the schedule, including that of late starts. He believes that the system that has been primarily used for the last few years has slowly been adopted over the last decade, which is mainly used for teachers to have collaborative time with one another. Teachers use this time to “[create and develop] the curriculum, as well as to create lessons, grading rubrics, and to plan upon the grouping and regrouping of students.” Principal Jeremy Schmidt stated Mr. Schmidt believes that this is the most useful advantage of late starts. Overall, the late starts enhance the education that students receive. Teachers value this time to work with one another, as well as to put forth effort towards the professional development of the community, which allows the environment of Grant to stay efficient. Late starts are useful to the average student as well; Junior Jake Siong expressed that late starts provide a different change of pace for students, by giving students the chance to work at the speed of their choice. This is compared to when there were Bi-Weekly late starts, where it’d just be more “every day work.” Jake believes that compared to other years’ late starts, this is the best choice for students, as it provides students with a break in the middle of the week therefore giving students the liberty to pursue their endeavors. “There’s lots of things that teachers [and students] do that are independent,” Principal Mr. Schmidt stated. “But there’s even more things that we need to do together.”