Martin Barcena, Journalist

Dangerous Trends

Since the popularity of the internet increased over the years the recurrence of dangerous trends and challenges have popped up all over the place and 


Many teens in our modern day society have access to all social media platforms like instagram, twitter, and tiktok.  With that power they can see and imitate anything they like. One of those trends that many teens imitate now are challenges. A challenge that particularly stands out is the cinnamon challenge that became popular in a matter of a couple of days. The cinnamon challenge seemed like a harmless trend to many, but to a 13 year old boy who attempted the challenge this was not the case. In 2014, a 13 year old what’s his nameboy who had been put into a coma from attempting the challenge was covered on all news platforms and changed the way people look at this challenge. Many other challenges, such as vodka eyeballing, the fire challenge, and more recently the milk crate challenge are all put into a category know as dangerous or stupid trends.


In our current decade if an individual mentions anything about Gen Z the first thing that might pop up in someones head would probably be the stupid and dangerous trends that Gen Z has managed to come up with. The cinnamon challenge to most people seems old because of its popularity in 2014,but this challenge is no different than the more recent popular challenges that have popped up on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram The milk crate challenge is one of the most popular challenges this year. This challenge first made an appearance on June 11, 2021, on TikTok titled “Guy falls off 6 milk crates’ ‘.

Soon after the video went viral all over TikTok. People started recreating this challenge and the popularity skyrocketed as many tiktokers began to join the trend.  More people began to attempt the challenge. There are more failures than successes under this challenge. The difficult part of the milk crate challenge is to make it across an asymmetrical staircase of milk crates going up and down. With most of the people attempting the challenge being over 18 years old, the milk crates could not support the bodyweight of most of these adults and the bridge typically collapses midway up the staircase. Although the staircase may look small and very easy to cross, you can still put yourself in danger as even a small staircase of milk crates can cause serious injuries that can put a serious impact on the challenger.


So far no deaths have been recorded from the milk crate challenge but there are records of people obtaining broken limbs and sustaining critical damage to their bodies from falling off the milk crates. One example would be of a Dallas woman falling from a staircase of milk crates from attempting the challenge onto hard concrete outside of a gas station. She currently remains in critical condition and has sustained severe injuries.

There are many videos catching people falling and getting injured from the challenge and some people have even posted on social media platforms asking people to stop the challenge as it may get out of hand. The challenge has become so popular from people injuring themselves that it has actually reached some prisons and prisoners have been recorded attempting the challenge. Many medical professionals recommend not attempting the challenge as : “It’s perhaps even worse than falling from a ladder,” according to Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon at Mount Sinai hospital in New York. Sure this challenge has become popular amongst many teens and adults but just like other dangerous trends/challenges such as the fire challenge, vodka eyeballing, and the cinnamon challenge it has been seen as dangerous and to not be attempted and if it were to be attempted to do the challenge at your own risk as you are responsible for your injuries from the challenge. Later in the year when the milk crate challenge became viral, Comedian Conan O’Brien Tweeted “waiting for FDA approval before I take the Milk Crate Challenge”. Soon after the FDA Twitter account responded to his tweet discouraging his participation in the challenge, “Although we regulate milk, we can’t recommend you try that. Perhaps enjoy a nice glass of 2% and return all those crates to the grocery store?”


Have you ever burned your skin for fun or as a dare? Well believe it or not other people have on the internet and at parties with their friends. The salt and ice challenge was a very popular trend back in 2012 up to today and to many people it may seem daring and to others just downright stupid. To perform the challenge you would have to get salt and pour some onto your skin with water so it sticks and then proceed to press an ice cube in the part of the skin with salt causing a frostbite-like burn on the skin. This challenge was usually attempted among a group of challengers and they would record how long someone could go with the pain, the ice and salt on their skin would leave mild to severe burns that could be irritating to the challenger for a long time. Junior Samantha Houdek claimed, “My friend tried the salt and ice challenge, she got a mild burn and now has a scar from it”. Trends and dares like these seem fun but in reality that can be considered very dangerous once you really give a closer look at the challenge. 

Today, teens build their social and emotional life around the increase of available technology, and often base our social life around it. But an unexpected consequence of the things that are meant to advance our social life may be damaging it. Grant’s Parent University event helps parents better understand how teens may manage their social life in our modern society. Most parents haven’t adapted or taken the time to understand what teens do now, as opposed to when they were teenagers. The way teenagers build their social life today will be better explained to parents so that they can help when their children need help or support. When parents are able to understand how teens deal with their social or emotional life possibly being damaged, they can help in a more productive way than if they didn’t take time to understand how they could help them out. Some parents are so occupied that they aren’t able to take time to learn or figure out how to help their teenagers whenever they reach out to them and try to give them help or advice they try but they end up saying something wrong and the teenager takes it as the parent doesn’t have any interest in helping them. Teenagers often get frustrated when their parents try to help or give them support but they give the wrong responses that the teenager isn’t looking for, but it doesn’t help that they don’t take the time to explain to their parents how they could help or what kind of response that they are looking for whenever they reach out to them for support or advice. This can lead to disagreements and arguments which will lead to anger in both the teenager and the parent. Many parents try to avoid arguments between them but a disagreement or an argument always happens, a way they can help an argument is learning strategies on managing those disagreements and anger to help provoke mental safety. Even if it doesn’t look like it when a parent tries to stop an argument or disagreement by trying to manage the situation it shows that they care about what’s going on and why they are reaching out to them as they are trying to figure out how they can support them in the correct way.